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Although divorce is common in American society, that fact does not make it any less difficult when it strikes your family. Sound legal advice is vitally important if you hope to ensure an outcome that meets your needs.

At The Law Office of Brian C. Christian, clients’ long-term interests are the top priority. Integrity and realistic solutions are keywords that describe the firm’s approach to representation in divorce and all family law cases.

Capably Guiding Clients Through All Legal Issues In A Virginia Divorce

What are the unique circumstances impacting your coming divorce in Virginia? Attorney Brian C. Christian’s experience and emphasis on practical solutions can provide support in any of these situations:

Mr. Christian keeps a family’s big picture in mind while helping each client pursue the right results through settlement conferences, mediation or litigation.

How Is Marital Property Divided In Virginia?

Every divorce includes the division of marital property. The first step in approaching property division is to identify the separate property of each spouse. Such possessions will normally remain with the original owner. As for jointly held marital property, the division will not necessarily be on a 50-50 basis but rather will be determined based on factors such as:

  • The existence and enforceability of a prenuptial agreement
  • Each spouse’s contributions to the monetary and nonmonetary welfare of the family
  • The age and health of each spouse and the duration of the marriage
  • The acquisition history and tax implications of a proposed division of liquid and nonliquid marital property
  • Debts and liabilities that each spouse incurred
  • Domestic abuse, adultery and/or dissipation of marital assets

If children of the marriage will continue to live in the marital home after the divorce, this fact may influence a court’s view of a proposed division of that property.

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When you reach out to The Law Office of Brian C. Christian, you can be reassured that attorney Christian will guide you efficiently and empathetically. He will help you manage essential details such as health insurance and equitable distribution of business assets so as to disrupt the business(es) as little as possible.

Perhaps you are just considering divorce, but it is not yet certain. Open the discussion with attorney Christian so you will know how to plan for a secure future. To schedule a consultation, call 757-931-6446 or send an email inquiry.