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Stages of divorce in Virginia

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2023 | Family Law

Virginia couples going through a divorce naturally might want to put the divorce far behind them. That’s easier said than done, though, as there are steps to getting over a divorce long after the proceedings.

Beginning stages of divorce

Actually agreeing to divorce is usually a shock to the system for both people in the relationship. No matter how long you’ve talked about it, deciding to file can usually cause a shock to set in that wasn’t there before.

It might seem like you’re in a blur as you start telling people, calling attorneys, and moving forward with the process. During this period, your spouse has probably moved out or at least started the process and there are a lot of adjustments.

Adjusting to the change

Around three months in, you’ve more or less adjusted to all of the changes. Sometimes people start dating during this period or might be starting new hobbies.

At this point, all of the important people in their lives know about the divorce. Legal proceedings might take a little longer to start – maybe around six months – but you and your ex are working towards a full legal separation.

Depending on the couple, the legal process might take anywhere from a few months to years. While the proceedings are moving forward, each individual is slowly doing what they must do to move forward.

Truly moving on

Even after the divorce is settled in court, it might take a little longer to move on from it fully. You might still argue with your ex or think about them often, especially if you have kids together.

Generally, though, at around one or two years, most people have at least gotten through the initial shock and have truly accepted it. How long it takes from there is completely up to them.