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Understanding the positive aspects of a divorce mediation

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Family Law

Divorces can be very messy and complicated legal cases under certain conditions. There are often disagreements regarding even basic aspects of a marriage that can be exposed to the public when a case goes to a full trial. Many Virginia couples who have been married for several years and built much of a life together find it difficult to let go of some things when the time comes for an official split. Luckily for them, there is a procedure known as divorce mediation that allows them the benefit of negotiating their personal interests in a divorce while avoiding a public airing.

Purpose of divorce mediation

Mediation is an alternate dispute resolution process that is used regularly when there are significant issues to negotiate that all parties want to keep private. This can be an excellent tool for divorcing couples because there are many private matters in any separation situation, and many times those matters are best settled by agreeing to a binding resolution for presentation to the court requesting a finalization order.

Advantages of divorce mediation

Beyond protecting details of what is discussed in divorce mediation, it allows both sides to discuss the general disposition of assets and child custody arrangements in private. These are easily the two most important components of any divorce proceeding. Additionally, mediation gives both parties a degree of control in a fair format.

People should understand that Virginia judges take a dim view of couples who are bickering over certain issues in a divorce that appear as though both parties are merely being vindictive. This potential for an unfavorable or unexpected court ruling means that it becomes necessary for most couples to take proactive steps in avoiding a negative outcome, which is a protection that divorce mediation can provide.