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Home contractors may face legal troubles

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2022 | Civil Litigation

The day may come when a homeowner decides to greenlight a home renovation project. Choosing the right contractor in Virginia isn’t always easy. Sometimes, homeowners are highly displeased with the contractor’s work or lack thereof. Depending on how serious the matter is, a dispute between the homeowner and contractor might lead to a lawsuit.

Disputes between contractor and client

Typically, a contractor will provide an estimate that details specific work. The client often makes a down payment on the work and pays the balance either on the first day that work commences or when the job is completed. However, what the homeowner expects might not be what happens.

The contractor may not complete all the work. Sometimes, a contractor might repeatedly cancel the start day and never get the work done. The homeowner could reasonably expect a refund, but the money never comes.

And then there’s the frustrating situation where the contractor does shoddy work. The homeowner might need to have someone come in and redo the job. So, the homeowner ends up paying for the job twice.

Shoddy work could be dangerous

A contractor might perform shoddy work, but the homeowner may not realize how bad it is until something terrible occurs. For example, poor wiring could lead to a fire. Needless to say, a deadly house fire could lead to the filing of a civil lawsuit. Hopefully, the contractor carries the necessary liability insurance to cover such catastrophes.

The job could be bigger than a home renovation. Perhaps someone hired a contractor to build a home. Afterward, the project fails inspection for many safety issues. The repairs and other costs could be significant. A lawsuit might be the only way for the client to recover their money.