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Our Approach To Your Case

We take a dual approach to each of our client’s cases. Mr. Christian and Mr. Briggs regularly discuss and collaborate on their caseloads. You benefit from the knowledge and strategy of both attorneys, without paying for the service of both. Together, they offer more than 30 years of combined experience.

We understand how greatly your case impacts your present and your future. We take our roles as your legal advocates seriously and will aggressively fight for you in or out of court. All decisions are made with your best interests in mind. We use the approach that can get you the best possible results.

While we always pursue the best outcome for our clients, we believe that it is our duty to set realistic expectations. When you meet with our firm, we will explain the Virginia laws impacting your case and what you can expect given the facts of your unique situation. Everything we do comes from a place of honesty and integrity. No one benefits from overinflated expectations.

Local Attorneys Dedicated To The Community

Both attorneys were born and raised in the Hampton Roads area. They understand this place and its values. They are dedicated to serving their neighbors and guiding them through their greatest legal challenges. Our lawyers know the local courts, judges and other attorneys, and have earned their respect. In fact, our team has helped other members of the local legal community through some of their own legal issues.

Our lawyers are actively involved in the community and take as much pride in their actions outside of the courtroom as within. Mr. Christian helped create the Chesapeake Police Foundation, an organization that raises money for the families of fallen officers and for officers in training who need help affording the costs of classes and necessary equipment.

Schedule An Initial Consultation

We encourage you to address your legal needs as soon as possible to give yourself the best possible chances of success. Call our Chesapeake office at 757-931-6446 or contact The Law Office of Brian C. Christian online. We represent clients throughout Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and the surrounding towns.

For your convenience, we offer early morning appointments upon request.